Welcome to my personal website..

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in the computational optics lab at the Duke university led by Dr. Roarke Horstmeyer. My current research interests are in the areas of computational imaging, novel microscopy methods, low-cost microscopy, high-speed gigapixel imaging, micro-endoscopy and in vivo imaging. Other areas of expertise include multi-spectral imaging, extended depth-of-field imaging, compressive sensing and speckle imaging.

My current research focuses on developing gigapixel imaging systems, Fourier ptychography and miniaturised microscopes for imaging rodent brain activity. In the past I have developed imaging systems using GRIN lenses for minimally invasive microscopy in rodents to enable longitudinal studies in the spinal cord of a rodent. These microscopes include a modified 2 photon microscope, custom built scanning wide field-of-view epi-fluorescence microscope and a miniaturised low-cost microscope.

I have developed a multi-aperture Fourier ptychographic microscope during my PhD research, capable of data-acquisition bandwidth in gigapixels. This computational imaging microscope is suitable for observing high-speed cell cultures over wide field-of-view with extended depth-of-field. Other advantages include low-cost, aberration estimation and correction, computational optical sectioning, phase contrast and dark-field imaging modalities. A Fourier ptychographic microscope using Raspberry Pi hardware and 3D printing costing less than $150 was also developed for use in under-served communities and education in computational imaging. My past research also includes spectral imaging and Oximetry.

Before my current position, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the school of physics and astronomy at the university of Glasgow, where I also have conducted my PhD research. I have a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati.

Camera array microscopy

High speed gigapixel microscopy using parallel cameras.

Low-cost smart microscopy

A low-cost portable Fourier ptychographic microscope built using Raspberry Pi hardware and 3D printed components.

GRIN lens based in vivo microscopy

Minimally invasive microscopy using GRIN micro-endoscopes for in vivo imaging rodent spinal cords. 

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