Mobile-phone based microscopy has gained prominence due to their low-cost and portability for use in underserved communities. They have a fundamental limitation of either a small field-of-view (FOV) or low-resolution, hindering their uptake in digital pathology and cell-culture applications. We report a miniature $150 microscope that breaks this limit using Fourier ptychographic microscopy, hence providing sub-micron resolution images across 4mm^2 FOV. The cost was minimized by using Raspberry Pi hardware and 3D printing for building the microscope. We report the first use of a Bayer color sensor in FPM, which was enabled by new image reconstruction methods. Moreover, we introduce new calibration methods to mitigate errors due to 3D-printed parts and large optical aberrations caused by the low-cost optics. We also supplement data-acquisition codes, 3D models and assembly instructions of our microscope for open source use.

Tutorial on how to build the microscope


Low-cost, sub-micron resolution, wide-field computational microscopy using opensource hardware

​Aidukas, T., Eckert, R., Harvey, A.R. et al. Sci Rep 9, 7457 (2019) doi:10.1038/s41598-019-43845-9









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